Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three Spring One

So the official and “real” start of Year Three! Can’t believe we are already here!

As I said in last week’s update, I checked out the alter and got four candles lit which is really cool! Since it is the first week of the season, we did the standard set up the farm again and getting crops in. I also did normal mining, made sure to give birthday gifts, etc.

We got a lot of heart events this week!

If you remember, a while back, Leah asked for an idea to bring more art to Pelican Town and to help her sell her art. I suggested an art show, and we finally saw the results of that! So we got the art show; Leah talked about her art, and the various villagers gave their reactions to the pieces, and it was pretty cool. In the background, there is a character that doesn’t look happy. My assumption is it’s Leah’s ex, unhappy to see that she is thriving.

We got a Vincent and Jaz heart event where they show the farmer how to clean bugs off of spring onions without hurting the bugs, of course. Doing this allows you to sell them for more.

I finally remembered to check back in with Willy about his boat. So now we have to work on getting supplies so he can fix it up.

And (most) importantly, I got a heart event with Sebastian. One of the updates added an extra heart event for the farmer with their spouse. Sebastian’s is unique because it happens over the course of two days. On the first day, you help him to catch an injured frog. On the second day there is an aquarium added to the house, and you talk to Sebastian about the frog. I suggested he start a frog sanctuary since he loves them so much. You also ask why he loves them, and he tells the farmer that because he enjoys going out in the rain so much, he would encounter frogs a lot and started to enjoy being around them. Really sweet.

We also… got pregnant! Our first baby on Maple Lane Farm is coming soon!

So a heck of a start to the 3rd year!

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