Impressions: M*A*S*H- Death Takes a Holiday

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Impressions: M*A*S*H- Death Takes a Holiday

Death Takes a Holiday is the 5th episode of the 9th season of M*A*S*H and one of the series’ Christmas episodes. While I wouldn’t say I ever disliked this episode, I was always a bit mixed about it. One of the plotlines never really landed for me. However, it is a highly recommended Christmas episode, and I do get the spirit of it. So with that, I ended up giving it another watch and also ended up having to bounce my thoughts about it off of a few other people. In the end, my opinion of it did change some. So with that –

The episode opens with the camp doing inventory while BJ and Hawkeye are their usual… goofy selves. They are being ridiculous, and everybody is simply trying to deal with it. They credit that ridiculousness to the cease-fire. Klinger interrupts to hand out mail, and everybody is delighted to get some treats from home. Charles gets a big box, and the audience is informed he has gotten several others. He refuses to tell what is the boxes, to the surprise of nobody.

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