Maple Lane Adventures: Special Scene

So we are starting Year Three (holy cow!), but this year starts a bit differently. If you remember, way back to the start of this series, the farmer at the start of Stardew Valley inherits their grandfather’s farm. One of the things you’ll notice early is an alter on your farm that is inactive. You are told you will learn the secret during your third year.

So at the end of Year Two/ the start of Year Three, you get a special scene. The ghost of your grandfather visits and assesses how you have been doing on the farm. He tells the farmer that while he has passed on, his heart – and spirit – will always remain in Stardew Valley. How this scene plays out depends on how well you’ve done in the game so far. Considering all I have accomplished, I got the dialogue, “you are a better farmer than I was.” He also says that Maple Lane is in my farmer’s hands now.

When you take control again, you can see on your farm that there are lights on the altar. And I got all four lit!!!

It’s a bittersweet scene. As well as one of the many touches that make this such a special game.

Now on to Year Three for real!

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