Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Winter Week Four

Oh man, the last week of our second year! For the most part, it was a normal week. Still working on the Skull Cavern, and it’s still kicking my butt. I did some upgrades around the farm, to the barn and coop.

I talked to people in town. Kent seems like he likes my character, so that’s good. Lewis lamented that he never got married; yeah, buddy, don’t feel sorry for you, you have a great gal in Marnie. Did birthdays and all that jazz. I also completed Kent’s quest for him.

Nothing too special or exciting.

But it is the last week of winter, so that means… Feast of the Winter Star. I got Lewis and gave him some glazed yams. George gave to me and, of course, in his usual grumpy way, assumed I hated the gift. George being George. His character used to irk me, but now I adore that crotchety old man.

Not a bad end to the year!

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