Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Winter Week Three

It’s the 3rd week of winter, so that means… The Night Market. As stated last time, the Night Market is an event that was added a few years ago where three days a week, you have a market on the beach at night. There is special fishing, shops, and The Mermaid Show.

This year I focused a lot on the fishing but did take in The Mermaid Show at least once. The Mermaid Show has beautiful music and some cool visuals.

Other than that, I did some upgrades on tools and added another barn. Focused a lot on mining.

I also got assigned Lewis as my secret friend for the festival next week, which I find kind of funny as I do not like him due to his relationship with Marnie. Or rather, his mistreatment of Marnie and their relationship.

So most of the week was spent focused on the night market more than anything else. Onward!

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