Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Winter Week Two

Well, we are settled into married life with Sebastian. That also means moving forward, trying for kids, and extra heart events that were added for married couples.

This week was a pretty standard week. The Festival of Ice, as per usual, happened. My farmer won the fishing contest.

We also got some heart events which are happening fairly regularly, although we are getting close to hitting the max with some characters.

I got a heart event with the Wizard talking about his ex-wife, the Witch. He drove her away and to being a bit of a bad witch. She also apparently stole his special ink pot. This opens up a little quest to getting it for him. Their relationship is sad. But more on that as I progress.

I got two heart events with Harvey. One is for a standard checkup, something I should have gotten a while ago but apparently never triggered. The other is Harvey’s radio chatting with a pilot. He is very excited to do so and then explains to the farmer that he used to want to be one. However, his fears and bad eyesight meant the dream was never one he could follow. Harvey then explains that not everybody is meant to follow their dreams which is… sad but realistic?

All in all, a good week on Maple Lane Farm

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