Impressions: Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Fall Week Four

So, I am going to be entirely and bluntly honest here, but I want it to be noted that I still love Stardew Valley and my current Maple Lane playthrough. There are times when you will have a week or two that are a little dull. Again, not giving up on this playthrough, I still love this game; it’s just part of it. Once you reach a certain point in the game, things will slow down a bit, and there isn’t a lot of new stuff you get to experience. Fall week four is one of those weeks.

I did a lot of fishing, some mining, and made sure to talk to villagers as much as I could, but… that’s mostly it.

The one change is that I unlocked the sewers and visited Krobus. He has a shop in the sewers and will help with some future stuff.

Also, since it is the end of fall, we got the Spirit Eve festival again, which I like because I love Halloween.

Fairly slow week, but they happen, and we still have a lot coming up!

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