Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Fall Week Three

Alright, so Fall has been interesting this year. An insane first week, truly insane. A slow second. And now we are in week three.

So one of the exciting things that I kind of mentioned before but is nice to see, the characters have started going to the community center. On certain days instead of finding them where you used to, you will now find them there, and I adore it. I am also getting some dialogue with people thanking me for fixing it up. Yep, still, on the “so happy I fixed the Community Center” high.

We got a pretty sad heart event with Clint. He expresses his difficulties with women. The farmer advises him to be himself, which he says he does, but it doesn’t work. Emily comes over to take his order, his nerves get the best of him, and he is unable to talk to her. She then shares a friendly chat with Shane that Clint can overhear and feels even worse. I have never gotten that far with Clint’s development, so I am not sure how it goes, but I do feel bad for him. Clint seems like a nice guy, just painfully shy, and I don’t know if that ever changes.

The other big thing this week is, of course, the Stardew Valley Fair. I won and got a Stardrop, but passed on the other prizes.

The abandoned JoJaMart also shifted, and now I have another bundle to complete to get… I don’t know, I have never done it before.

So with that, another week on Maple Lane Farm!

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