Travel: New Orleans- Food

So, of course, any trip, especially one to a place like New Orleans, wouldn’t be complete without trying lots and lots of food – and in this case, a few drinks –

We had a lot of fun just kind of wandering around and finding places to eat. There were a few “must haves” that we went with; some we got some we didn’t. We went to Acme Oyster house, which was recommended to us. They had the best oysters I have ever had, but I preferred grilled over raw; both were excellent, though. Also got some killer seafood gumbo.

We, of course, tried shrimp and grits. One version was less shrimp and grits and more “fried green tomatoes with a bit of shrimp and some grits.” It was disappointing from a “looking for a traditional dish” perspective, but it was really great. Plus, I had never had green tomatoes, but they were yummy. My issue with tomatoes is texture, but the green ones solve that. The other shrimp and grits were traditional and fantastic.

I got my po’boy fix with a fantastic oyster po’boy. We also got New Orleans fries, which is kind of New Orleans poutine? Fries with cheese, gravy, mushrooms, and of course, crawfish. Because I got them every time we could.

For my birthday dinner, we went to Jacques-Imo’s, which advertises “warm beer, lousy food, poor service” lol. The food was amazing the service was top notch, didn’t have the beer, though.

We found the Bayou Bar within walking distance and went for their piano night and tried a variety of cocktails, so good. Although we were both unimpressed with the popularity of anise in drinks there. I get it, big in France, so big in NOLA, but anise is the worst, in my humble opinion.

And, of course, if you look for “things to do in NOLA,” you’ll be told to try Cafe Du Monde. My expectations weren’t high. I tend to prefer savory, so I had never really cared to try beignets, but really that place was so so good. It is completely worth it.

There were a few things I didn’t get to try that are traditional for the place, but I just loved most of the food so damn much. Plus needing to try other things is just an excuse to go back!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these little snapshots of our time in New Orleans, and I hope you consider visiting. It’s an amazing place, and I really do want to go back. I will probably share some more pictures, but this is kind of the wrap-up for this little travel adventure.

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