Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Fall Week One

Oh boy, this was a hell of a week, like enough that I considered doing two posts for it. We got so many heart events so here we go!

But first, since it was the start of a new season, that, of course, meant a whole lot of farming. As has been the case just making sure that my farm is steady and making me money without overdoing the amount of work.

Our first heart scene was with Linus and Robin. Robin expresses concern over Linus’ situation, and then you are prompted to either say you think he is doing well or invite him to live on the farm. I picked “doing well.” Robin is pleased with the conversation but not as much as Linus, who admits he legitimately feared the farmer inviting him to live on the farm. I get it, I do, it’s part of the character that he has chosen this life, and it’s important to him. However, could he not live in a small cabin on the farm? Or even move the tent on there? Just to be a little more protected? Either way glad we got it solved the way Linus wanted.

The next heart scene was meeting Penny while she is teaching the kids and helping her out with class. The farmer talks to the kids about the benefits of farming. Vincent then asks if eating well will make him strong like his brother Sam, and makes a comment about seeing Sam lift Penny up which, of course, embarrasses Penny. Oh, kids… Although I have to say of all the “implied couples,” Sam and Penny never struck me as one, but it makes sense. Leaves me wishing for more development with the characters outside of their relationship with the farmer after you settle down.

We got several with Elliot because I had forgotten to ever go into his house, so we were a bit spammed. One is about his passion for writing but doubts with it, which yeah, man… tell me about it. He asks the farmer for their favorite genre, which will matter later. Another we catch him playing the piano, and he admits that he sometimes wishes he could just give up writing and live the simple life as a farmer. Naturally, I put him in his place a little, and he apologized. All life pursuits are challenging in their own right. Although, once again, I get the struggle as a writer. Finally, towards the end of the week, we get to sit in on a reading from Elliot with the favorite genre you mentioned before. Normally there is actually a pretty decent break between these things happening, but as I said, I never went into his house, so I’ve missed all his heart events. Whoops.

Our next heart scene is rather sad. I went to Jodi’s house, and she is making popcorn which makes Kent rage as the sound brings back memories. Jodi feels awful, the farmer tells him not to take his pain out on his wife, Kent apologizes. Jodi promises to try harder because she doesn’t want to make him feel bad. Kent even says you are a good friend to the family if you talk to him again soon after this happens. It’s… rough. All of Kent’s character is. Much like Shane’s struggles, it’s something deeper and realistic thrown in that is well done, but leaves you with a bit of a knot. This is further highlighted by one of Vincent’s new random dialogues being about how much his father has changed. Rough.

We finished the bundle that takes away the glittering boulder by the mine, which means we can now pan for ore. You don’t get a lot of it, so carrying around the pan is a bit of a pain, but it’s often worth it. We also finished the bundle that repaired the bus and now have access to the desert. We also met Emily’s friend who is not fake. I mean, “I have a friend who lives in the desert named Sandy, you can’t meet her though because you can’t get there” feels a little “my girlfriend goes to another school” (kidding of course). But yes, you finally meet Sandy and get access to the skull cavern, another, much more difficult mine.

But with completing those bundles, you know what that means?


I am so excited to get this done! I love rebuilding the community center in this game. It makes me feel great and really helps sell the whole “you move to and help improve a small community” part of this game. When you finish it, everybody is celebrating when Morris decides to crash. He offers a whopping 75% off sale to entice everybody to go back to JojaMart, to which Pierre says no! Pierre talks to the people and reminds them how they all used to work together to maintain the center and the sense of community that Pelican Town had. He highlights how people used to use the community center, Emily for sewing, Willy for his experiments, etc. He laments that they lost sight of how special the town was but that the farmer has given that back to them, but that they have to make it happen. With that, everybody agrees to boycott JojaMart, and Morris runs off defeated.

JojaMart becomes an abandoned building, and moving forward, people in the town can randomly be found in the center instead of where they were previously scheduled to be. I am so happy to have finished this goal. The only downside is I will miss the Junmio as they no longer run around it.

So that was a hell of a week! With that, we move onward!

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