Travel: New Orleans- The Southern Food and Beverage Museum

So this was an interesting little stop on our trip. The Southern Food and Beverage Museum is in the warehouse district. It has a little area for each of the southern states, as well as a few other pieces. There is also a cocktail part on one of the walls and things like that throughout. The building used to be an open market, and the idea of the museum is to reflect that.

I enjoyed this museum, although it wasn’t exactly what I expected. There isn’t an overload of information, but there is some and at least tries to talk about the way certain states were influenced by their immigrants and such.

It hilariously also showed that not all states added to southern cuisine equally. Texas’ table was loaded down meanwhile, the two Dakotas combined were barely anything. Also, and this should shock nobody, BBQ was at least 25% of the museum.

I am glad we went, and the price is not bad, but I was a bit underwhelmed. Still worth doing though, I would have just liked a little more history.

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