Maple Lane Adventure: Year Two- Summer Week Four

Another Wednesday, another week in Stardew Valley. As per usual, considering that it’s the last week of the season, not a lot happened as far as actual farming. However, we did get some interesting scenes this week.

So now that I realized I need to fish when it’s raining, I was able to spend one of the few rainy days doing that. I also managed to finish another two bundles, so we are getting so close to finishing the Community Center.

Took some maple syrup to the hidden woods as requested in a letter a bit back and met… a bear. The farmer is naturally fearful; however, the bear only wants to make friends. As a result, I can now sell certain berries for more, which is cool.

Got another heart scene with Maru with her showing me an invention and then zapping me. She feels bad, but the farmer is fine. Maru is a fun character. I still wish that when you married certain characters that others would maybe mosey on your farm. I like to imagine a scene with Maru and Sebastian working out their differences after no longer living in the same house.

Which, speaking of Sebastian, got a romantic scene with him. He takes the farmer for a motorcycle ride to a spot that overlooks the city. He confesses that his goal is no longer to move to the city as he once dreamed. He then confesses that he’s brought nobody else there, and the farmer and Sebastian share a kiss. I feel sort of bad that he gives up his dream of going to the city, but considering he does freelance work from the valley anyway, it’s all good…???

I also bought the mermaid necklace to move Sebastian, and I’s relationship along, since you have to buy it on a rainy day. But am not ready to give it to him yet.

And of course, last week of summer, so we get the moonlight jellies. I will say every time I hit this part of summer how much I love this part of the game. It is lovely to see, the music is great, just a beautiful moment in this game.

With that, another season down!

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