Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Summer Week Two

Alright, another busy summer week in Stardew Valley, largely because I got so many heart events. Some basics first. We did Robin’s big board request for hardwood. Excited to see what she did with that – made a super awesome bed – as I had never completed it in another playthrough. It was also the week of the Luau, and I managed to get the best response by putting in gold cauliflower, so yay.

I am guessing that getting the hearts from the Luau pushed me over with a lot of characters because, oh boy, on the heart events.

First, I went to watch Sam and the band play for his heart event. They performed a song about Farming, mining, and chopping wood LOL. When the song is over, Sam thanks the farmer for all they did to help make this happen, and it’s rather touching.

Also got the heart scene where you end up catching Harvey working out with the ladies. He is embarrassed, of course, but there is no need to be. I had the farmer promise not to tell anyone.

I discovered Pierre’s “not pot” stash… Pierre is an interesting character because there is seemingly little to him other than running the store, but the things you do find out are something else. Anyway, he was mad and told the farmer to keep it quiet.

Got a hilarious heart scene with Willy. He was working on a bit of an experiment, and his shop was overrun by crabs. Gus comes by to buy them all up, and it’s a bit sad for poor old Willy.

Had kind of a sad scene with Abby. The farmer goes to use her spirit board with her and nearly reveals her feelings for the farmer. As I said before, a few characters make it pretty obvious they are disappointed at the idea of not being the farmer’s romantic interest, and it always makes me feel a bit bad.

But speaking of romance… Met Sebastian by the ocean on a rainy day, and he admitted to being anxious around people except for the farmer. Awe. It made me realize, though, that Sebastian’s heart level had gone up, so I tried again to give him a bouquet, and this time he accepted it, so we have our romance path laid out. I did have to chuckle at still getting the “I didn’t know you felt the same” line when I had tried and failed last week to do this very thing.

So a week full of character development. Kind of crazy how much it all hit at once! Onwards!

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