Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Summer Week One

Alright, so it is our first week of summer. As per usual, I spent the first bit getting new plants down and preparing my farm for the season. I was also able to finish a barn upgrade and get rabbits!

I had a cool but sad heart scene with Maru. She showed me her telescope, and we had a fun little conversation. However, it is the point where I start feeling guilty about all the potential romances because I will be getting scenes where they are clearly wanting more from the farmer but aren’t going to get it. Sorry, Maru!

I tried to present Sebastian with a bouquet believing I had enough hearts to start dating him, and was rejected, so that was pretty hilarious.

Then I had some annoyance. I took on one of the bigger quests to get bug meat, and half of it disappeared?! I don’t know if it was a glitch, if I accidentally sold it, or what. I do know that I spent a lot of this week trying to collect that meat, so I was super annoyed when it happened. Oh well…

So an interesting start to our summer >_<

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