Impressions: The Bob’s Burgers Movie

The Bob’s Burgers Movie was released earlier this year in theaters and recently hit streaming services. It was quite the feat with a lot of songs and updated animation. Unfortunately, it has also been in production for a long time due to issues such as Covid. This is a bit noticeable because there are some now seemingly older plotlines that are picked up. It is a musical that follows the whole family but heavily focuses on a Louise story.

The movie opens with Bob and Linda getting ready to go to the bank to ask for a loan extension; Bob is fretting because all the restaurant equipment is collateral for the loan. Linda is her usual positive self. The kids are also having their own issues. Tina with boys, Gene with his music. Notably, though Louise is starting to doubt wearing her bunny ears, which is pretty shocking for fans of the series. Bob and Linda’s bank visit doesn’t go well, but Linda is still ready to keep fighting. Then a pit opens in front of the restaurant.

That night the kids start to reflect on their issues. Tina realizes that she is hesitant to ask Jimmy to be her summer boyfriend and isn’t entirely sure why. Gene begins to doubt his music. Louise is wondering if she is a baby, a girl at school called her that, because she hasn’t retired her bunny ears. She decides to go into the pit to prove she is brave. She falls in, and while the kids try to get her out, she discovers a dead body.

The police start to investigate, and it turns out that Mr. Fischoeder is the prime suspect. Louise overhears Bob telling Linda that they are for sure going to lose the restaurant now and everything else. Louise decides that she needs to solve the crime, clearing Mr. Fischoder, and save the family. This has the convenient double reward of also proving to everyone that she is not a baby. The movie follows the kids as they search for the real killer.

Bob, Linda, and Teddy, at this time, decide to do a moving Burger cart to earn money since no one is coming to the restaurant.

– I want to just note that a restaurant with a sinkhole with a dead body found in it, with the murder suspect being the landlord, would likely be hopping. Morbid curiosity. –

Eventually, the family discovers the real murderer and must fight for each other and to clear Mr. Fischoeder.

Along the way, Louise is assured that she is brave by her family and is forced to confront her own fears. Bob, meanwhile, has to deal with the fact that Linda constantly needs to pull him out of his funks and be the positive one and that it is not fair for her to always have to do that. Tina and Gene’s stories take a backseat to Louise, but they still cycle around every once in a while and have their own conclusion.

The movie also notably talks a lot more about Bob’s mother than the show has. All we’ve really known is that Bob’s mother dies before the show begins and that his relationship with her was less strained than his with his father. We get a few glances into her and her impact on his life, which is nice and kind of cool for long-time fans.

The movie is pretty hilarious, with the normal humor we expect from Bob’s. It’s a blend of wholesome and downright weird, and is a treat for the better part of the movie. There are some weaknesses, though.

It is a musical, and for the most part, the songs are okay, but no real show stopper. Still, they remain decent enough to keep the audience engaged, all except for one. It is pretty notable because not only is it not good, and I am sorry to be so negative, but it’s just not, but it happens at a really key moment. It really pulled me out of the movie, and I struggled to get back in. Also, there is a big plot by the murderer, trying to be spoiler free, and the family stopping that plot is just a touch too long. I get this is the climax, but hurry it up already.

There was also a noticeable absence of a lot of fan favorites but not main characters. No Gale, hardly any Hugo, Marshmallow, Nat, the older couple, etc., etc. Because so many of them are missing, it’s not the worst thing; I just think in a Bob’s Burgers movie, you kind of expect a lot of these favorites to show up. This is probably my mildest complaint, though, of my few issues.

Despite these, it is still a lot of fun. It also has a really wonderful moment with the family, specifically Bob and Louise, that is touching and well done. I am not super in love with the fact that Louise has taken over so much that this movie is really her movie in a lot of ways, but it’s not the worst thing either. Her plotline is good and a worthy vehicle for all of the great moments of the movie. It also just means that the rest of the fans are more fans of her than me and that the writers/creators are giving them what they want.

So bottom line? If you are a fan of the show, I highly recommend the movie. It is well worth the watch and will have a lot of satisfying moments for long-time fans. If you aren’t, it is hard for me to say if this will be the thing that will get you into the show. There is a lot of humor that will likely just feel weird for people who aren’t used to it being a regular part of the show. There are also a lot of in things that will mean more to fans than people who are getting their first taste. Maybe use wanting to see the movie as an excuse to watch some of the show; it is a great one. I’m glad I finally got to see it, and it was a delight.

One thought on “Impressions: The Bob’s Burgers Movie

  1. I actually wasn’t a huge fan of the movie. My wife and son both loved it (like “Let’s see it again!”) To me it seemed like a drawn out episode, and not the best episode either. Louise is my favorite character, but the thing I like about her is her ongoing b*tchiness and coarseness (which usually comes around at the end of the show). Wasn’t crazy about vulnerable Louise. Plus, I don’t think the artwork transferred well to the big screen. It’s all a little simple to cover a giant wall. All I could focus on was the character’s tongues which seemed like massive slugs bouncing on the wall.


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