Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Spring Four

Our last week of spring in our second year! So, as usual, the last week of the season is usually just finishing up whatever crops are around and then a lot of off-the-farm stuff. We are continuing in the mines and doing well with that.

It was also the spring dance, as happens every year. This year I decided to ask Sebastian to dance, and he accepted. I think I have finally decided that Sebastian is the romance I will pursue this playthrough.

Aside from that, we got a few heart events.

The farmer walks in on Leah, talking to her ex, who wants Leah back. Leah explains they wanted different things in life and asks if it was selfish of her to leave her life with her ex to start on her own. I think the definition of selfish has such negative connotations that sometimes the “selfish” choice is the right one, so I stuck with a more supportive answer. She also talked more about the art show idea, so it will be cool to finally see that come around.

Alex apologized for his arrogant attitude when he first met the farmer. It is good to see him develop more.

Then I got the heart event. I call it that because I dread it every time I play this game because I know I am going to take a hit, but I just can’t answer differently. Robin asks Demetrius to buy some fruit, and he returns with a basket of tomatoes. Robin is mad because that’s not what she meant, while he insists that tomatoes are fruit. He then asks your character who you side with, and I pick Robin because, of course, I do. Yes, tomatoes are fruit; nobody who asks for a bunch of fruit is asking for a basket full of tomatoes, as Robin points out. He gets annoyed with the farmer, but I just can’t bring myself to pick the other option.

We also got another fun but a bit odd heart event with Emily. She invites you to the mayor’s house, and you do fashion therapy. Everybody dresses in something to help express their inner selves better. It’s actually a cool idea, and in truth, feeling good on the outside can help you feel better on the inside. However, as is normally the case with any heart event with both Clint and Emily, it has a bit of a sadish ending. Clint is nervous about his outfit and rushes back in and believes that the farmer and Emily are dating. I really wish this plot line had actually resolved for Clint in some way.

So with that, we are done with our second spring!

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