Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Spring Three

I started the week with a note from Haley expressing her delight over the previous heart event again. I also got a quest from Evelyn. The only farm things I really did were to go through levels of the mines again to keep trying to search for different minerals and more things to upgrade tools. It was a pretty slow but character development focused week.

I got a heart event with George that sheds some light on his character. He explains to the farmer that his being in a wheelchair is not the result of old age as he assumes the farmer suspects. Rather he was in a work accident in the mines 30 years ago. He laments that he believes he would have still been spry and physical even in his golden years if the accident hadn’t happened. This cut scene, along with some hints about their relationship with Evelyn, such as him catching her attention by starting a snowball fight with her, gives a bit of a hint about George. It paints a picture that his grumpiness, while in part due to his age, is also a result of decades of resentment at his circumstances. He does mention his age again, so I do think it’s a case of both, just I had early on thought it was the one.

I got a second sad heart event with Lewis and Marnie, that just… bothers me. The farmer comes across Lewis and Marnie fighting over whether or not to go public with their relationship. Lewis says he can’t because he can’t show favoritism as Mayor, and Marnie says he cares too much about his job. They notice the farmer, and I agreed to keep their relationship quiet. This whole dynamic really sours me on, Lewis. Both Lewis and Marnie express loneliness in a lot of comments throughout the game, so it’s upsetting that it is a choice that Lewis is forcing on them when they clearly care for each other. I wish it was resolved more, even if that resolution is Marnie saying enough is enough. I feel for Marnie, but less for Lewis as the game develops after this.

A less intense heart event is one with Sebastian. The farmer gets to join Sebastian and Sam to play a round of a tabletop game within the game. I ended up playing a healer and getting a solid rating! Nerd skills within nerd skills (lol)

It wasn’t a heart event, but I had a conversation with Elliot where he expressed fear that he has no real skill and just an overinflated ego, which… that hits me right in all my doubts about my own writing. Really hard.

I also unlocked the ability to use Emily’s sewing machine and a backpack upgrade. So pretty busy week on Maple Lane Farm!

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