Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Spring Two

The second week of spring in our second year on Maple Lane Farm! So at this point, honestly, the farm is pretty self-sufficient. Because of my sprinklers, other than planting and harvesting, that much is taken care of. I do have to take care of my animals, but that is easy enough to get done early in the morning and then have the rest of my days for other activities in the game.

Gunther visited early in the week to thank me for all I have donated to the museum, which happens when you get about halfway done. On a similar note, I made it to the bottom of the mines! I got both the Rusty Key (Gunther) and the Skull Key (mines) and need to find out what they are used for. I am pretty shocked I already made it down… I had said in earlier entries that I didn’t expect to be that quick about it, but here we are. It also means I am without a new mine to explore until I get the bus working again.

We also got a few heart events. There is a short one with Linus. He apologizes for not trusting the farmer at first but says it’s a way to keep himself safe. He then teaches the farmer to make wild bait.

I got two with Haley. One, you meet her on the beach, and she is frantic because she lost a necklace from her grandmother. You find it, and she is extremely grateful. The other you meet her by Marnie’s farm, and she wants to take pictures with you and the animals. After a few shots, she ends up falling in mud, and contrary to what you expect from her early conversations, she laughs and seems to not mind. Seeing Haley start to be less shallow is nice. She is still not a character I have considered romancing, but I am glad that I have gotten to see more of her character in playthroughs. I pretty much ignored her the first few times I played…

And since it is the second week of spring, that means the Egg Festival. I decided not to really try with the egg hunt because I already have the hat, and I am not sure that you get something new if you win more than once. Maybe in year three, I will actually put forth an effort to find out for sure.

So with that, another week ends!

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