Maple Lane Adventures: Year Two- Spring One

Alright, so we are kicking off Year Two on Maple Lane Farm! As with the first week of every season, there was a lot of planting and preparing for the season. That was the only really big thing that happened on the farm itself. However, this week was full of character development.

First and foremost, Kent is now back. Kent is Jodie’s husband and Sam and Vincent’s father. If you have been following along, he was absent because he was fighting in a war, and I got a few heart scenes and conversations related to that. However, now he is back and a regular member of the community.

I got a heart scene with Evelyn where she finally agrees to teach me her famous cookie recipe, something she has been hinting at. I also got a cute scene with Leah where I helped her pick some fruit.

I got a longer scene with Penny, who asks the farmer to help her clean the trailer. Pam comes home and is angry. She and Penny fight, with Penny confronting Pam about her selfish choices and Pam insisting she is not because she puts a roof over Penny’s head. The fight doesn’t really end in any sort of way, just Pam forcing herself to calm down and Penny being notably rather defeated.

I also got a weird heart scene with Sam that I have never really liked the “good” choice for. You visit Sam’s house and startle him, and he drops something on the floor. Jodie is mad because she had just cleaned, and through dialogue, you will note that Jodie gets tired of feeling like she has to constantly clean up after her family. The good choice is to take the blame for Sam, and Jodie says accidents happen. I mean can’t we have Sam taking responsibility for himself and Jodie recognizing it was an accident? I don’t know, this has never been my favorite heart event. But then that happens sometimes.

Other than that, I got to level 115 in the mines and did a decent amount of fishing. All in all, a great start to the second year!

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