Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Winter Four

Last week of winter and the final week of the first year! I can’t believe we are already here! Alright, so a decent amount happened this week. As far as the farm is concerned, I got a barn upgrade and four goats. I also managed to get down to level 105 in the mines. I am actually going a lot faster in the mines than I normally do; I am a bit surprised.

We got two heart events this week. One was with Emily. She showed off a dance she had been working on, and we got a few psychedelics with it, because it’s Emily. It’s… it’s an interesting scene. Of course, I had the farmer tell her the dancing was amazing, and she asked me to keep it a secret.

The next one is Shane and a rather happy one. The farmer overhears Shane talking to his favorite chicken about the work he has been putting in. Once he notices, Shane shows the farmer all the work he’s been doing with the chickens. He talks about making sure to leave something for Jas and teaching her how to care for them. After so many sad and heavy scenes, it’s great having one with Shane doing well and motivated! His struggles still speak to me, so the positive in his cutscenes make me feel good.

And since it’s the last week of winter, that means the “Feast of the Winter Star” or Christmas. I gave to Jas and got her a flower. Sam gave to me, and I got a mineral. The town center always looks so pretty for this holiday, and since I am a big fan of Christmas, I like this little version of it. I also had Willy tell the story of the Winter Star, a star that can only be seen from the valley and blesses those that get a look.

So with that, our first winter and first year are done! On to year two!!!

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