Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Week Three

The third week of winter brings a new-ish festival. While it’s been out for a while now, it wasn’t part of the original launch. The Night Market. From 5pm until 2am, a market is opened down on the beach. You can shop at a few vendors, catch the mermaid show, and also go deep-sea fishing. The first two nights, I focused on fishing, while the third, I caught the Mermaid Show.

I finished the pantry bundle, which unlocked the greenhouse! This is the earliest I have ever gotten the greenhouse, and I am pretty excited! My farm will be much more productive moving forward.

I also did some mining but lost all my health and had to be rescued. I lost a lot of money and a lot of really good stuff… I was pretty bummed. It would have been better just to not have gone. I also permanently lost a sword that has to be found and can’t be bought because I forgot you could only recover one item, so I didn’t pick it first. I am… not pleased.

We got another Shane heart event. He is filming a commercial for a contest with Joja Mart. You have to have a certain heart level with Emily and Clint too to unlock it as they are the actors in it. Clint struggles because of his crush on Emily, but they finally finish it. It’s a pretty amusing little scene.

A mixed week on Maple Lane Farm!

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