Impressions: The Sims 4 Scenarios

So recently (ish) scenarios were added to The Sims 4. I am a pretty big fan of The Sims, although not as crazy dedicated as some people, and I thought this sounded like fun. So I decided to check them out, and overall I was… well… underwhelmed.

Scenarios are basic enough. They will give you a predefined goal that you are meant to meet with your sims. Once you pick one, you build your household, which is already one of my first issues, more on that in a bit, and then start the game. You will start with some skills and at a certain level in a career or other related things. You focus on that, and when completed, you get a bonus and a chance to pick a new one and keep going.

So this also sounds pretty nice, so why didn’t I like it? Well, as they say, the devil is in the details, and the details need work.

I was first bothered by having to create a new house each time. I know making sims is a lot of people’s favorite aspect of this game, but a lot of these scenarios are rather short, so it became extra work. They needed to give a few premade options. But Megan, you can use that sim to keep doing different ones, so it’s not just work for one. Logically this makes sense, but then those details again. You can’t actually keep going with a new scenario all the time. By the time I finished one scenario with a character, every time I picked a new one, it just “you already completed this” because I had already gotten the requirements. Or my sim wasn’t eligible for a different scenario because I needed to change things.

There are also certain limitations put on that don’t make sense. Not having extra sims while going from 0 to 1 million dollars, makes sense. Not even being allowed to have a pet so that my sim will be happier? That doesn’t.

A lot of the more “story” type scenarios aren’t that fun? Or are excessive. There is one for a chef that is “unlucky” and might start a fire when they cook, and you need to get to the max in the chef career. Cool. Except there is no “might” about it, it’s every single time. So you are just constantly in a loop of struggling. That’s not challenging. Challenging means it’s a struggle that you can overcome. That is just borderline impossible with nothing you can really do to compensate.

I am not saying there is no fun to be had. I do like the idea. For instance, I never would have played a supervillain sim without the scenario related to it, and I enjoyed it. It’s something I like with achievements in some games, motivation to play a game in a way I wouldn’t naturally pick for myself. I appreciate that.

No, the problem is less that the scenarios are bad and more that they aren’t fleshed out. I feel like they are looking at this for something to add possibly to Sims 5, and they are using it in 4 as a bit of a test. That is entirely speculation, so I could be (probably am) wrong. But regardless, it feels unfinished. With a little tweaking in how they do scenarios, I feel they could be a really fun addition to the game.

For now, a few of them were interesting, but mostly I’ve ignored them because they are lacking a bit. The one nice thing about The Sims, though, is that they are always adding more (sometimes with a price tag that makes no sense, but that’s another subject), so they might expand them. I hope they do because they feel a little flat. But with potential.

Bottom line? If you have Sims 4, try them out, but I wouldn’t expect it to really change the way you play all that much.

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