Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Winter Two

The second week of winter in Stardew Valley starts on the first day with the Festival of Ice. The people in town are making ice sculptures, snow goons (instead of snowmen), or just hanging out. After you’ve talked with everybody, you can do the fishing contest. It is exactly what it sounds like; you have a time limit to fish and are up against a few of the in-game characters. I won this one which is pretty great, especially because it is pretty hit or miss for me.

I also made it to the 100th level of the mine, which means I got a stardrop and increased my maximum energy. I completed the Boiler Room in the Community Center, which gives access to the mine carts. Minecarts can be used to quickly move around the area.

Most of the rest of this week was focused on a lot of heart events. I got one with Robin, and as a result, I got a blueprint.

I got two with Sebastian. The first is him explaining he does freelance programming work but lamenting that nobody seems to take it seriously. He believes everybody acts like he just plays on his computer all day. The second is him working on his motorcycle and saying he loves to use it to escape from the valley and go and look at the city. He also offers to take the farmer out sometime.

Next was two for Abigail, both in the same vein. The farmer overhears a fight between Abigail and her mother where Abigail insists that her mom can’t tell her how to dress and be. When her mom tells her that they are supporting her, Abigail tells her it’s unfair to hold the fact that she still lives at home over her head to try to control her behavior and that she knows how lucky she is that they are helping her. Caroline admits she was wrong.

The second is you come across Abigail practicing her swordsmanship in the graveyard, and she says she wants adventure. Pierre interrupts and demands Abigail go home to help her mom with dinner. Abigail accuses him of being old-fashioned and only treating her that way because she’s a girl. As she leaves, Pierre sadly calls out, “come back.”

The first scene, I am pretty sympathetic towards Abigail. I think she is right that it is a good thing that her parents are helping her, but she’s an adult. The second I think she’s a bit aggressive. Still, there is a dynamic at play that I think a lot of people have experienced on some level, not being the person your parents might have expected. I also don’t think either Pierre or Caroline come off as too controlling and at least are trying… just a bit slow.

So cut scene heavy second week on Maple Lane Farm!

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