Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Winter One

Our first winter in Stardew Valley for this character! Winter is different from other seasons because unless you have a greenhouse, there is not a lot of farming you can do. You can do winter seeds that net you forage items, but that is all as there are none for sale. It can make winter a bit difficult as far as maintaining money for starting in spring, but I think we should be okay. So on to the week.

I did a lot of mining and got down to level 95. I also found a strange creature while walking to town and when I followed it and scared it – sorry buddy – I got the magnifying glass. Now randomly, I will pick up pieces of paper to read. Some of them will give you hints of what various characters like and dislike, and some will lead you to special items.

Pierre informed the farmer that next season he will have an extra seed per season, then “encouraged” the farmer not to even consider getting seeds from his competition. LOL

I also completed a bundle and unlocked the bridge! Now I have an extra area to mine for ore in and a small little cave to explore, although I haven’t really done either yet.

For heart events, we caught Sam skating, and he has an argument with the mayor over it. The mayor got angry with the farmer when I sided with Sam that if Pelican Town had a skate park, things like this wouldn’t happen. Once the mayor leaves, Sam still brags about the trick. It is a very Sam moment.

I also got a heart scene with Haley struggling to open a jar and commenting on the farmer being stronger than appearances.

Neither scene develops the characters in complex ways like some of the others, but I like that there are these moments too. Haley is starting to show she can be a nicer person, and Sam is showing that he can be mature enough to apologize but still retains his boyish charm.

A great start to our winter on Maple Lane Farm!

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