Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Fall Week Four

Our last week of fall! This playthrough feels like it is flying by for me! Since it is the last week having to take care of crops significantly slowed down, which gave me more time in the mines. We managed to get down to level 80! I really am going faster than usual. Also, it is a great thing I am finally getting more gold ore.

I upgraded my coop and also got 4 ducks, so even more animal opportunities. Now I need to do so with my barn. Although when buying the ducks, I accidentally bought another milk can, so that was a waste of money and space in my storage. Oh well, though.

The last week of Fall has the Spirit Eve festival, which is a fun Halloween thing. You also can complete a maze for a Gold Pumpkin.

I also got another decent heart scene with Alex. You find him stressed in front of his bookshelf, and he admits he has trouble with reading and other academics but knows they are needed. My farmer picked the “we all have different strengths and weaknesses” option, which I happen to completely agree with. It is nice seeing Alex be something other than arrogant, although sad he lacks confidence in this other way.

And with that, fall is done on Maple Lane Farm!

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