Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Fall Week Three

Week Three in Stardew Valley and it was a bit of a busy one. The barn was finished, and I managed to buy four cows, so we are on our way with animal goods! I got a special quest to take Jodi a largemouth bass and got to eat dinner with them for my trouble. I love this one because when you give her the fish, you just throw it on the floor, you know… as one does.

I also got a heart scene with Abigail, who is out playing music in the rain. She admits that she goes out in the rain to be alone but doesn’t mind the farmer’s company. Then we both ended up playing music together.

I fixed the bridge on the beach, giving my character access to the other part of the beach. And I managed to get another fairy! I am really surprised and my luck with them.

Since it is the 3rd week of fall, it was also the Stardew Valley Fair. There are games to play, and you win stars to trade for prizes. You can also enter a competition by showing off your goods from the farm. I managed to win, which was surprising. I normally don’t win until the second year or so.

A fun week on Maple Lane Farm!

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