Maple Lane Adventure: Year One- Fall Week Two

Another week in Stardew Valley, and we are a bit more settled into the season. Unfortunately, I ended up misplanting a bit, so I had to do some crops outside my normal spaces, but hopefully having such a productive fall will help me out.

I got started on a barn and got the first house upgrade, so now I can start to cook, which will be a huge help for mining. Which speaking of we’ve made it down to floor 60!

I also got Marnie a cave carrot so she could use it to teach her goat… how to speak. Good luck with that effort, cute but silly.

We also made more progress with Shane’s story. He comes home in a good mood, to which Marnie asks if he found beer on sale – rude and unhelpful, by the way – to which Shane says he hasn’t been drinking. He also gives Jas some new shoes, which she loves but questions the price of. Shane tells her he’s given up an expensive habit. While Shane’s story is sad and difficult, this is what I meant when I said worth it to see the conclusion.

All and all, another great week on Maple Lane Farm!

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