Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Fall Week One

And we are in our first week of fall! As per usual, the first week of the season was setting up plants. Unlike summer, I actually had a decent stockpile of money, so I ended up with more crops than I had space for, or willingness to water every day. Gotta get working on getting more sprinklers!

It was Penny and Elliott’s birthdays this week. I was also able to make it to level 50 in the mine. So pretty good progress for someone who said in earlier entries that I mostly mine in the winter.

I also got the “Special Orders” board scene. In one of the recent updates, this was added, and it includes what you could call big orders. Although being the first year and given that they still have a time limit, most of these will be pretty difficult for me at this point.

I was also able to enter Marnie’s room finally to find the Mayor’s lucky purple boxer shorts. Which is, just, a hilarious quest, although it leads to less hilarious cutscenes about their secret romance (but more on that when we unlock them).

And a heart event where Elliot and I drank to our friendship!

All and all, a great start to the season!

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