Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Summer Week Four

Content Warning for this week, with references to suicide

Our final week of summer already?! Alright, so standard fare for the last week. I did not do much in the way of planting since everything will be dying off soon. I did spend some time in the mines and got down to level 35.

It was Willy’s birthday this week, and my coop is starting to show some return on investment.

Another week of a lot of heart events. I got one for Harvey, where I accidentally walk in on him giving George a checkup. Harvey insists that George needs to make some changes while George says he knows what is best for himself. I sided with Harvey, which makes Harvey happy and George a little grumpy, although with him, how can you tell?

I got Maru’s heart event where I walk in on her at work, and she drops a vial. The correct answer is apparently having her say it was an accident instead of blaming you, even though I feel like the farmer does cause the accident. Still, it works out, and Harvey thanks Maru for all her help.

We got two Shane events. The first is more of him drinking heavily and lamenting his life, while telling you not to repeat his mistakes. The second is… oh boy. You find Shane nearly passed out on the cliffs, and he admits to seriously considering ending his life. Knowing how to respond to Shane with this can be rough, but I chose the path of it being his choice but my character being there for him. I think sometimes that is the best approach to these situations instead of trying just to talk people out of it. It is heavy as hell, though. Thankfully it does turn out okay. Shane lets the farmer take him to Harvey’s, and the next day he drops by and says he’s agreed to go therapy.

I adore Shane, but his journey can be a rough one to watch unfold, especially as someone who suffers from my own mental health issues. I think it’s worthwhile, though, to see Shane start to improve.

On a lighter note, summer ends with what I think is a great event, the Moonlight Jellies. You go down to the dock, and after sending off a boat, get a lovely scene with beautiful music playing. I adore this event every time I play.

And with that, summer is done!

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