Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Summer Week Three

Third week of summer and another busy one! We got four chickens for the coop, so we should be seeing eggs soon. I also started to upgrade my tools, starting with the pickaxe. I also got an extra silo for the farm so that I can keep up on cutting down weeds without wasting potential feed from doing so.

I completed one bundle, which I haven’t been updating how progress is going with that. We are doing pretty well, actually. Got Sam a birthday present. And got to level 30 in the mines.

Another big week for heart events.

Abigail’s was the most straightforward. I helped her to complete the first level of an in-game shoot ’em up. I really struggle with this one and have failed more than succeeded in my playthroughs and barely made it this time.

I met Sam and Vincent on the beach, and when Vincent expressed his fears over their father not returning from war, Sam tells him that their dad will for sure. He then admits to the farmer that he has his own doubts and asks if it was right to not tell Vincent. I agreed with Sam’s choice of choosing the “kids should have hope” option, although it is really tricky.

We got two Alex heart events. One is standard Alex talking about him going pro after tossing the ball around with the farmer. So more of his cockiness. The other, though, starts to show the other side to Alex. You overhear him telling the town dog that they are the only ones that get each other. Alex admits his dad was not a good man who left him and his mother, and shortly after, his mother died. He insists he doesn’t want pity, though, and trusts the farmer not to give it to him. It takes some time, but you do start to see there is more to Alex than just the arrogance.

Another good week!

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