Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Summer Week Two

Alright, so we did summer week two in Stardew Valley, and boy was it another busy week. The farm is more set up and got a lot of crops in after struggling a bit with cash last week. I also managed to get down to level 20 in the mines. Demetrius also set up fruit bats in the cave off my farm. I always have difficulty deciding between mushrooms or fruit bats, but I decided to go bats this time. I wish there was a way to get both though lol. I also got my coop set up!

Gus and Maru’s birthdays were this week, and I managed to get them both. It might not seem like much, but I struggle to get a gift to everybody every year, so I hope to be better with this playthrough.

Mainly though, we got a lot of heart events –

Emily rescued a parrot that flew into her window and broke its wing. She commented on feeling a connection to the bird because it was a bit different, just like she is. She also didn’t name it as a sign of respect.

I got a scene with Demetrius essentially trying to convince the farmer to leave Maru alone because she has too much potential to be distracted. It is an odd one with no real comfortable way to deal with it.

Leah admits to moving to Pelican Town because she visited when she was young and saw that it had great artistic potential in her words. She is struggling a bit, so I had the farmer suggest hosting an art show in town.

One of the big ones is between Penny and George, though. George is struggling to get something from his mailbox, and Penny, unprompted, moves his wheelchair out of the way to help him. I sort of dislike this scene because the “best” choice is to side with Penny, but I feel it’s really disrespectful. Still, once you choose that, Penny does admit she should have asked first, and all’s well.

And, of course, the Luau was this week. I put a gold radish into the soup, and while I didn’t get the best response, I got a really good one, so that helped develop my relationship with the characters in town.

So an incredibly busy week on Maple Lane Farm!

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