Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Summer Week One

Alright, so it is the first week of summer on Maple Lane Farm, and a LOT happened. First and foremost, though, we got new planting done and ready for the season. I was a bit short on money, so I didn’t get as much down as I would have liked, but I can keep working on that.

The Spa also opened up in the mountains. You can go there and soak in the pool to get back some energy. It takes a while, so it is not something you can completely rely on, but it is helpful.

I also accidentally dug through the trash and gave Robin a bad gift while trying to talk to everybody outside the saloon, whoops.

The big thing, though, was unlocking a lot of heart events. Willy talked about how fishing has gone out of popularity, and he has been struggling since the Community Center closed down. He does promise that if things pick up, he will show us a surprise. Emily has a dream, and you interrupt it leading her to believe that your farmer is someone important and special.

Our other heart event is a rather sad one. If you’ve never played or are new, there is a character named Shane who is pretty rough when you first try to talk to him. He flat-out rejects conversation with the farmer and is angry that they keep trying. Once you start to chip away, though, you get a clue as to why. I got the heart event where Shane drank so much that he was passed out on the floor in his room. Marnie is worried and asks for the farmer’s help. Once you wake Shane up, Marnie confronts him about what he has planned for his life, to which Shane responds that he hopes he isn’t around long enough to need one. Oof. Jas overhears this, which causes Shane to feel guilt. Shane’s story is one of the more rough ones in the game, and we’ll be getting a few cutscenes that aren’t exactly happy.

I am glad I am making progress with the characters in town, and while a bit disappointed that the farming situation isn’t better, it isn’t bad either. So with that, our first week of summer is over.

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