Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Spring Week Four

The last week of our first spring! So not a lot of farming happened this week, only collecting what crops were left. If you have never played Stardew Valley, with a few exceptions, most plants only last one season, so there is little point in planting the last week. There are some that will grow fast enough, but it was more worth it to me to save up.

Since I got a few rainy days, I made more progress in the mines. I managed to get down to level 15 and got access to the Adventurer’s Guild. I tend to not mine much outside of winter, so I go a little slower than a lot of people, but I am happy with my progress.

I also got the first backpack upgrade which is awesome and will make a life a lot easier.

As far as story development, we got another heart event, this time with Haley and Emily. Haley argues with Emily over a specific chore, and then they ask for the farmer’s input. I suggest that the chore in question should be Haley’s one weekly job, which they both agree to. I know the characters develop, but boy, can Haley be a bit of a butthead. I also got caught digging in a trashcan and lost a lot of hearts, whoops.

The Flower Dance is also the last week of spring. I didn’t bother to ask anyone if I could dance with them, although I might have enough hearts with a few people. I think I know what romance I will pursue this playthrough but haven’t fully decided.

With that, we finished our first full season on Maple Lane!

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