Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Spring Week Three

At this point, my farm is a bit more in place than it was the last two weeks. I am producing more crops and actually built a bit of the layout of what will likely be my farm moving forward for several seasons. I also increased my relationship with a few people, including Shane and Pam, and got a few recipes unlocked. Now all I need is a kitchen.

I was also able to complete two character quests that aren’t timed. You will randomly get these and have as long as you need to complete them. I found Robin’s ax and gave Jodi some fresh cauliflower.

We also got a bit of a sad cutscene with Morris, owner of JojaMart, coming into Pierre’s store and offering 50% off coupons, thus attracting away all the people. Pierre sadly says that he cannot compete with those prices, and Morris tells him that Joja is the better choice. Remember when I said during week one there is really only one option for me when it comes to the Community Center? Yeah, Morris is going down. It’ll just take a while.

I feel like I am settling in nicely with this playthrough, and we should have a pretty successful time with it!

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