Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Spring Two

So we are off to our second week on Maple Lane Farm. This week I spent more time in the mines, although I am still not getting all that far down. I need some upgrades and a more steady supply of food to really be an effective miner.

I also, shockingly, got my first visit from a fairy. Fairies will randomly come in the game and either grow crops overnight or sometimes give you a super crop. No super crop this time, but it is nice to have some quick growth, and I have never gotten a fairy this early.

A few people around town commented about Paige knowing about the Community Center and even seemed happy about the prospect of the farmer fixing it up.

We also got our first heart cutscene. As you build your relationship with people in town, if you are in specific areas at the right time, it will trigger a cutscene. I managed to get enough hearts with Linus to trigger his scene. He is rummaging through George’s trashcans, which George hears and asks you to chase away the “raccoons.” Linus agrees to stay away from George’s cans but says he doesn’t believe he is doing anything wrong since the food he takes will go to waste. I decided to have Paige agree that there is no harm. The scene ends with Gus catching Linus, giving him fresh food, and asking him to ask him in the future because he doesn’t want anyone in Pelican Town to go hungry.

It is an interesting scene because, in such a small town, you would imagine people would be more inclined to help Linus. His relationship with the farmer and the townspeople unfolds in some compelling ways, with Linus slowly being more part of the community.

We also got the egg festival, and I managed to win the egg hunt and a super cute new hat.

All in all, another great week on Maple Lane Farm!

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