Maple Lane Adventures: Year One- Spring One

Well, after hemming and hawing, I decided to start a new farm in Stardew Valley for another regular Wednesday feature. This time I think we’ll be going to year four (we will see how it plays out) just to get more done. So with that, our first entry for Maple Lane Farm.

I set up my character, Paige, and got the opening cutscene. If you have never played Stardew, the introduction starts with your character’s grandfather as he is passing away. He offers Paige an envelop, telling her not to open it yet, but be patient. That at some point, the daily grind of modern life will be too much, and that is when Paige will be ready. Flashforward to Paige working in a cubical and clearly done. The envelope contains the deed to Maple Lane Farm in Pelican Town in Stardew Valley.

Paige arrives and meets Robin and The Mayor, who make some comments about how overgrown and rundown the farm is, but with love and care, it could be something to be proud of.

The first week is fairly straightforward. You are given several “tutorial” like tasks. You get your first seeds, plant them, are given a quest to meet everybody in town. After a few days, you are also tasked with meeting Willy at the beach, and he gives you a fishing pole and encourages you to help keep the art of fishing alive.

I also used the town board to get my first helper quest and gave Shane a Wild Horseradish. And I did my first, but rather short, trip down into the mines.

The other important thing that happens in the first week is you meet the mayor at the community center. He laments that what was once the town’s pride is now a rundown nothing and admits he is debating selling it to JojaMart – the company you left and is a representation of big/cheap chains – so they can use the land. You are given the option in the game to either fix the community center or do what is needed to encourage the mayor to sell. I feel there is only one choice.

While in the community center, you see a little creature, later identified as a junimo, and see they have odd scrolls in the center. The wizard has you drink something, not suspicious at all, to help you translate the scrolls.

I also made my first donation to the empty museum and hope to maybe complete the museum for the first time ever in this playthrough.

So a lot of introduction to the game, characters, and general goals moving forward. But I am excited to be playing Stardew again, and I hope you will enjoy Paige’s journey!

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