Weekly Announcements

Sorry everybody for these posts, but also… I need to be able to afford to eat. Anyway, a quick reminder of ways you can support me and my writing.

My Patreon page is live and there is a lot more going on there now. For this month I did an Impressions on Promising Young Woman, and how I felt that we all kind of ignored some majorly problematic parts of it. Sadly I likely won’t get an Exploring post up this month but I have a few there already to check out.

Also and I am super pumped the serial, The Barrier, has started! I kicked off with a chapter on the mentioned “The Event” and a reaction to it from a few important characters, that is live now! Next week the first main chapter will be live on Patreon.

Free chapters will be live on the blog in a few weeks, but if you want to be ahead and can afford it please consider signing up!

I do still have my Fanhouse and occasionally update. I have been using it a bit more as I had a situation with Twitter. You can see it here

My hiatus from Twitch will be ending soon you can follow me here

Or if you want to just throw me a one time tip, you may do so at my ko-fi

Thank you so much!

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