The Barrier: The Event

The Chapter on The Event is now live on Patreon! It is a quick look at the circumstances in The Barrier that allowed the world to know that the spiritual world is real. There is also a follow-up chapter with three of our main characters reacting to these circumstances. It is all building up for the release of Chapter One of The Barrier.

You can sign up for my Patreon and get early access here:

You will also get access to Impressions pieces, Exploring posts, and other various writing.

If you are unable to, have no fear. Free (temporary) access to The Barrier will be starting in the next few weeks.

I am so happy that this project is finally starting, and if the first “book” goes well, I hope we will see it through with a few others.

Thank you for your support, and again the Patreon link is here

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