Worth the Grind: Unpacking

I recently did a short Impressions piece on this indie puzzle (sort of) game. Unpacking is pretty simple; you are given a set number of boxes with unknown items in them and a few rooms in which you need to unpack and organize. If you keep the puzzle element on, you will find that you can put items only in certain places, and some items even only have one or two places they can go.

There are standard achievements for completing each room/home, but then there are extra achievements for putting items in specific places. Case in point there is an achievement for putting a toaster or something electronic in one of the tubs. There are also achievements for interacting with objects, such as flushing all the toilets.

This game is fairly short and can be made even shorter by the fact that you can turn off the puzzle aspect and place things wherever you’d like. Add to that that most of the achievements on the list are fairly straightforward in their descriptions, although many of them are secret.

At this point, though, just based on the name, you should be able to sort it out. Solve a puzzle is a secret achievement, and you get plenty of Rubik’s cubes throughout the game, so interact with it to solve. If a secret achievement is not easy to sort through based on the name, there are plenty of guides and sites like TrueAchievements to help out.

Really this is a super short achievement grind. You have level select and the option to turn off the puzzle element, making it a breeze on your own and again lots of guides. Just remember the interact button (B on Xbox), and you should be looking at a few hours for completion. So yes, worth the “grind.”

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