The Barrier: Character Profiles

Team Name: Paranormal Investigation and Research International (PIRI)

Information: A franchise with locations around the world. Ethan Hill is the Team Lead and Board Member for the American branch. Ethan founded the American branch just over a year after The Event, although it took a few years for things to get going. They both research cases to help spirits pass or debunk cases and help those with powers to get connected with trainers. They also gather research to help grow knowledge of the spiritual world.

Name: Riley
Age: 29
Abilities: Unconfirmed
Role: Research
Biographical Information:

Mother died at an early age, and she started presenting signs of having a supernatural ability. Her father was overwhelmed and decided to have her live with a close family friend, Jack Simmons, to help her. Her father never returned, although he promised to. She is not only Jack’s “daughter” but his assistant at Midnight Reflections. She knows the team through emails and her work with Jack. She is often uncomfortable around other people due to the nature of her possible abilities, but even so, many people find her easy to talk to and open up with. Riley has never felt as though she has a true home and hopes to find the people she can truly be comfortable with, as Jack is the only one currently. She loves to read, which makes her a great researcher with Emily.

Name: Ethan Hill
Age: 35
Abilities: None
Role: Team Leader
Biographical Information:

Born in the UK. Has been working in the paranormal world since a young age, both with other teams and on his own. He is smart and dedicated to turning the research they learn into more academic study to debunk past superstitions and rituals that will not work and also to ensure people in the field know what will work. Ethan had always planned on setting up his own team, and The Event caused him to hit the gas pedal on those plans. He can be stiff and formal and sometimes downright rude. However, he tries to quell those parts of him and truly cares for his team. While he is confident and even egotistical at times relating to work, he can be insecure and awkward socially.

Name: Emily
Age: 27
Abilities: None
Role: Research and Computer Work
Biographical Information:

Born in the UK. Emily was born into a family that had been working in the paranormal world for generations. She is one of many adopted children and often felt in the shadows of such a large and well-established in-the-field family. Due to her age when The Event happened, she did not get to leave the UK with Ethan right away but joined as soon as her parents felt comfortable with her doing so. She has no known supernatural abilities but is a good researcher and enjoys working with computers. She is not a “hacker,” but she is good at digging deeper and finding things about subjects that are not as easily accessible. She is friendly and bubbly but often emotional and occasionally loses control of her emotions. She also laments how rational everybody else is while she works primarily on feeling. She can also show insecurity due to her lack of supernatural abilities but has a great passion for the field.

Name: Joshua (Josh)
Age: 33
Abilities: Spiritual and Protection Abilities relating to Navajo and Judaism and Some Jewish Mysticism
Role: Protection and Helping Spirits to Pass
Biographical Information:

Josh is a friendly and kind man. While he is normally relaxed and often playful, he has strong protective instincts for the group and those they work for. He does not often step into leadership roles the way that Gabrielle does, but would be capable of it if he is needed or desired. While he did not show specific signs of gifts when he was young spiritual trainers believed he possessed the capability and began to train him. As he has gotten older, his powers have only grown. He can create shields for the group and carries a bear totem.

Name: Caroline Miller
Age: 38
Abilities: Medium
Role: Consultant- Medium
Biographical Information:

Caroline came into her Medium abilities at an exceptionally young age, and it caused a lot of problems for her. People believed she was lying or had something wrong with her, which taught her to start to hide her abilities. The spirits around her scared her and made her uncomfortable, and she began to resent them and the isolation she felt her abilities forced her to impose on herself. However, she is a strong medium so gain popularity before The Event, which only grew after. Spirits can have a hard time trusting her though given her remaining resentment. She is a consultant for the team and does not feel like one of them, nor does she want to be.

Name: Mike
Age: 25
Abilities: None
Role: Audio and Video Equipment
Biographical Information:

Mike came to the team when they requested an intern from a film school. The plan was for him to only work for them for a few months and to teach them how to use their AV equipment. Mike noticed that due to the changing nature of cases that it would be helpful for them to have someone on staff to be in charge of it. Mike was a nonbeliever before The Event and has not gotten comfortable with the knowledge of the spirit world being real. He is nervous and even scared on cases. However, as much as he sees himself as cowardly, he is not. Ethan will allow him to leave cases when possible, but it becomes less so over time

Name: Gabrielle
Age: 37
Abilities: Medium, Spiritual and Healing Abilities relating to African Spiritualism (related to the Berber religion) and a bit of Catholicism
Role: Consultant- Medium, Helping Spirits Pass, and Spiritual Healing
Biographical Information:

Gabrielle is a weaker medium than Caroline but is strong in her spiritual abilities. She is kind but will switch into no-nonsense mode quickly and easily. She is also a believer in being firm but rarely – if ever – cruel. She will often help Ethan in a more leadership capacity and will also be a sounding board for him. Gabrielle and Ethan are close friends, but Gabrielle will sometimes pick at him, and their different styles can irk him. Gabrielle has traveled around the world, and while she has strength in certain kinds of spiritualism, she has touched on many others and is open to training and learning in all areas. She also has a bit of first aid and mild medical training. Gabrielle is not a full team member, although everybody at PIRI is desirous of it. Uses an owl totem.

Name: Daniel
Age: 32
Abilities: Exorcism, Spiritual Healing, and Abilities related to Korean Spiritualism
Role: Consultant- Priest-like roles and healing
Biographical Information:

Was raised mostly Catholic, although his mother taught him Korean Spiritualism. His priest believed he would make a good one but he never desired to do so. After The Event, many priests believed in teaching others certain Rites, even though the church was against it. Daniel was trained in Exorcism and other Rites to help him with the spiritual world. He is good at reading people and situations and is compassionate. He wants to join PIRI, although Ethan is uncertain about trusting him.

Name: Timm
Age: 53
Abilities: Empath and Trainer
Role: Riley’s Trainer
Biographical Information:

Born in the UK and has known Ethan for many years. Timm is a powerful empath who worked in the paranormal field for years before retiring to become a trainer, something he believes is the natural path for emapths. He explains to Riley when they first meet that due to the nature of empaths that during their training, they will develop a strong emotional bond and loyalty to each other, although he says he does not have to like the people he trains for this to happen. He is good friends with Ethan and friendly with Jack and generally a decent person, but mostly fills a teacher role.

Name: Sarah
Age: Deceased in her 50s
Biographical Information:

Sarah was an empath. Because she came into her powers so long before The Event and emapths are rare, she was never trained in her powers. As she got older, she trusted people less and had a harder time differentiating her feelings from the feelings she got of others. She would consult with Ethan on some cases. She ultimately was convinced to kill herself after a difficult case. Ethan has never forgiven himself for this happening.

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