The Barrier: Character Profiles

Team Name: Paranormal Investigation and Research International (PIRI)

Information: A franchise with locations around the world. Ethan Hill is the Team Lead and Board Member for the American branch. Ethan founded the American branch just over a year after The Event, although it took a few years for things to get going. They both research cases to help spirits pass or debunk cases and help those with powers to get connected with trainers. They also gather research to help grow knowledge of the spiritual world.

Name: Riley

Age: 29

Abilities: Unconfirmed
Role: Research
Biographical Information:

Mother died at an early age, and she started presenting signs of having a supernatural ability. Her father was overwhelmed and decided to have her live with a close family friend, Jack Simmons, to help her. Her father never returned, although he promised to. She is not only Jack’s “daughter” but his assistant at Midnight Reflections. She knows the team through emails and her work with Jack. She is often uncomfortable around other people due to the nature of her possible abilities, but even so, many people find her easy to talk to and open up with. Riley has never felt as though she has a true home and hopes to find the people she can truly be comfortable with, as Jack is the only one currently. She loves to read, which makes her a great researcher with Emily.

Name: Ethan Hill

Age: 35

Abilities: None
Role: Team Leader
Biographical Information:

Born in the UK. Has been working in the paranormal world since a young age, both with other teams and on his own. He is smart and dedicated to turning the research they learn into more academic study to debunk past superstitions and rituals that will not work and also to ensure people in the field know what will work. Ethan had always planned on setting up his own team, and The Event caused him to hit the gas pedal on those plans. He can be stiff and formal and sometimes downright rude. However, he tries to quell those parts of him and truly cares for his team. While he is confident and even egotistical at times relating to work, he can be insecure and awkward socially.

Name: Emily
Age: 27
Abilities: None
Role: Research and Computer Work
Biographical Information:

Born in the UK. Emily was born into a family that had been working in the paranormal world for generations. She is one of many adopted children and often felt in the shadows of such a large and well-established in-the-field family. Due to her age when The Event happened, she did not get to leave the UK with Ethan right away but joined as soon as her parents felt comfortable with her doing so. She has no known supernatural abilities but is a good researcher and enjoys working with computers. She is not a “hacker,” but she is good at digging deeper and finding things about subjects that are not as easily accessible. She is friendly and bubbly but often emotional and occasionally loses control of her emotions. She also laments how rational everybody else is while she works primarily on feeling. She can also show insecurity due to her lack of supernatural abilities but has a great passion for the field.

More coming soon!

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