Worth the Grind: Late Shift

Late Shift is another FMV game from publishers Wales Interactive. It was previously on Game Pass, although unfortunately, it is no longer. However, most of the Wales Interactive games are decently priced, and Late Shift is in a few bundles. I digress.

As I said, Late Shift is an FMV game. You make choices for a night security guard who is roped into a heist. At various points, you will have to make choices that determine how the story unfolds and the ultimate fate of the security guard.

So worth the grind? Well… Understand that I would love to give an emphatic yes, but I can’t. I like games like this (even though they stretch the definition of a game) and seeing how the story unfolds. The problem with Late Shift is the same problem that many games that promise “choice matter” and “branching storyline” have, there aren’t that many choices or branches that change things. I do completely understand how unrealistic it is to have as many different story branches as players sometimes want. They can’t be realistically made by the developers. Also, Late Shift does have some pretty significant branches, especially for a game where a whole story can be completed in roughly an hour.

The problem comes with the amount of endings vs. different paths. If you are going to go for the gold (completion), you will see a lot of the same scenes over and over. There are a few moments where you can quit out and reload to get different endings, but you will still have to play a few times, and it can get tedious.

Still, I like the game, I like the story, so if you can set that aside, it’s an easy completion and is worth supporting the game. I wish you could skip through some scenes, but I understand that in a game where the story is everything, it doesn’t make total sense.

For me, yes, it was worth the grind. If you like this type of game or want a super easy completion, also yes. Everyone else? You might want to consider it.

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