Worth the Grind: Disneyland Adventures

Yes, I am actually going to comment on whether or not it’s worth grinding what most will probably see as a laughable game to even attempt. I started Disneyland Adventures because it was a free game on GamePass, and it just so happened to have a few easy pops for a True Achievements community contest. Once I started, I kind of felt I had to see it through and mistakenly assumed, “it’s a kids game, and you are just playing around in a virtual Disneyland” it’ll be easy.

Achievement types are basically all collectibles. You have to collect characters by interacting with them, collect things for the characters, collect items around the park, and collect stuff in the rides. The actual “games” come in through the rides. The rides play like quick little adventures to varying degrees of difficulty. They all link to their real rides, but some more directly than others.

Like several Disney games I have attempted (again primarily because they have been free with Gold or GamePass), this game has a few surprisingly difficult achievements, only enhanced by a few bugs in the game. But what this game really kills you on is the grind. There is a lot of walking around the park to find hidden things, a lot of repeating the same “ride” levels, and just a grind overall. Expect to play a lot of rides often, expect to fail, and expect to get frustrated with all the collectibles.

It’s not hard in the way that say, Dark Souls is. Rather hard in that, the controls can be wonky, and there is a tiny window for a lot of the in-ride collectibles. So it ends up with a lot of repetition but no real learning curve to make it better, just trial and error and a whole lot of luck.

Also, be prepared to uninstall and reinstall the game a lot because bugs do happen. Pay close attention to whether or not the autosave feature is working. It will randomly turn off, and if you aren’t checking that corner for the little symbol, you might not notice until you miss a lot. Another thing that can make it difficult is there is a score for each ride needed for achievements shown through filling up stars. It can be deceiving, and you might think you’ve hit five stars but haven’t. I ended up having to replay a lot of levels to determine which ones I had not actually gotten five on because it only looked like it.

My simple answer is no, this game is not worth the grind. The largest average completion time on TA is 40-50 hours, and by a pretty wide margin. It also isn’t really that much fun for that much time to put in. However, if you really love Disney OR you are looking for a game you can easily throw on mute (or low volume) while listening to a podcast or something, it might be something worth doing an hour to two at a time.

I can’t actually say I regret this game. It was a great background grind, as mentioned, and cute enough that it appealed. But damn, is it frustrating, and so many hours, for what should be such a simple game.

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