The Barrier: Preview

10 years ago, something known as The Event happened, confirming that the spiritual world is real. Many believe The Event triggered the weakening of the barrier between both worlds as cases of hauntings and paranormal powers increased.

Riley has been living in a small town, working with her adopted father at his occult bookstore. She has always been a believer and, deep down, knew she likely had some sort of supernatural ability herself. However, she never realized that on first meeting, first touch, with Ethan – the leader of the American Branch of Paranormal Investigation and Research International, PIRI – would change her life forever.

Now Riley must join the many attempting to retain some balance between the worlds and help spirits to pass on to whatever is next, while the worry of what is happening to the barrier looms over them all.

Chapters starting early 2022

8 thoughts on “The Barrier: Preview

  1. Ah but has your character not yet realized that the collapse of the veil is due because its natural for it to collapse? I’m speaking as someone who practiced the occult. And that’s what many of us if not most of us believe.


      1. I think you will find, that your book and this movie shares much in common. I always imagined that the way the Veil would collapse would appear like the first scene.

        It’s for free on YouTube with adds


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