Willow Farm Adventures: Year Three- Winter Week Four

And here we are… our final week of our Willow Farm Adventures. I won’t lie, it was pretty sad playing it and more than a little sad to write this out.

For our last Feast of the Winter Star, we got Penny and gave her an emerald. Our final gift giver was Vincent, who gave me a shell. Honestly, I kind of liked ending with Vincent giving a gift to us and expressing his gladness that we moved to town. I also made sure to talk to everybody and really enjoy the final festival of this update.

We did also get the new paths built around the map so that there are a few shortcuts to make walking around faster. Unfortunately (fortunately), I was also incorrect, and our first dinosaur hatched… now for it to reach adulthood and start laying eggs so I can hatch several more.

I tried to do everything I could, but sadly… it was time to call it on the final day of winter.

So sadly, with that, our adventures on Willow Farm have come to an end… sort of. If you know the game or even have been following this, you’ll notice that I have more than a few loose ends to tie up. I will keep playing with my Willow Farm save and do occasional updates when something big happens. However, the weekly updates are mostly done. I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey with me and that it might have convinced some of you to give Stardew a try. It really is a delightful experience. I also hope you enjoy some just picture-sharing posts from Willow Farm in the coming weeks. Thanks so much!

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