Willow Farm Adventures: Year Three- Winter Week Three

Alright, so one of the big things I wanted to do was get another coop built so I could start incubating my dinosaur egg. We managed to pull that off, but given the time, I don’t believe it will hatch before the end of this year. However, getting that out of the way meant that Robin and I started a new project…

One of the first things that grabbed me in the community upgrades was the option to build Pam and Penny a house. I was delighted to do so and, of course, chose the option to keep it anonymous. Pam and Penny are ecstatic when they see it, and Pam says she will try to turn over a new leaf, although we will have to see on that.

The various other characters have a range of responses. Shane is a little miffed that they got something so generous and others don’t, but most people are thrilled. Only Evelyn seems to know that you were involved in making this happen. It was expensive but worth it, and I am glad I pulled it off before the year ended.

We also had the Night Market this week. I did some fishing, bought a few things, but overall pretty standard week… We are getting so close to the end.

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