Willow Farm Adventures: Year Three- Fall Week Three

Our last Stardew Valley Fair happened this week, and we won again. Bittersweet, but glad to go out on the high note of a win. I hadn’t thought to talk to the other people after in the last years, so I did this time. Pierre is bummed, Willy is unsurprised, and Marnie… takes off?

The rest of the week was primarily spent in the Skull Cavern. I am still trying to get dino eggs and make it further down, although not having the best luck. I think to ever reach level 100, I will have to end up building a lot of stairs down.

I also spent some time getting a void salmon so we can try to do the bundle in the destroyed JojaMart. But overall a pretty standard week as we make our way to the end of year 3.

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