Willow Farm Adventures: Year Three- Fall Week Two

Alright, so we got a decent amount done this week, but first things first… we had our baby! A little girl named Liz, that sadly will not hit child age by the time the year is over. Still the first baby.

The next big thing that I did this week was finally remembering to finish out the quest for the Wizard. If you remember, a while back, the Wizard requested that we gain access to the witch’s house (his ex-wife) to get back his ink. Well finally made my way down to the sewers to talk to Krobus. He opened an area that allowed me to get the dark talisman so we could gain access to the swamp. From there, we had to bribe the witch’s henchman to get into her house and get the ink.

The Wizard is grateful, although he hints at missing her and being unhappy still with the way things worked out. Sort of sad and reminds me a lot of how sad and unsatisfying Marnie and Lewis’ situation is too.

I do get access to new buildings to have for the farm, though, so time to start saving up.

Penny finally shared with my character that her father left her and Pam when she was young because he felt trapped, which started Pam’s spiral. It’s still rather tough to see the two of them struggling so.

I also gave Kent a starfruit for Jodi, and cleared out one of the few remaining quests.

And with that, another week comes to an end.

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