Looking For Feedback On Streaming

So apparently, one of the hate raid bots was in my channel the other night, and “luckily,” I didn’t get enough views to trigger it. I just don’t know what to do about streaming anymore. I have started and stopped so many times that I have crushed my growth and myself in the process, and Twitch is just feeling more and more unsafe. Beyond that, I feel like I am doing so much better with my writing now, which is the whole reason I only stream like twice a week when I do stream.

The problem is I do enjoy it, mostly. It is hard to do when I am struggling mentally but often makes me feel better, and I find it enjoyable. I keep feeling like I am getting signs to walk away, but I don’t fully want to? I’ve been considering it more and more basically since the mental break in April, and just honestly… I’m stuck right now.

If you are a follower of the channel hit me up (here, Twitter, Discord, wherever) and let me know if you have thoughts. I am not making any decisions right now but I am contemplating.

Tell me what you think

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