Willow Farm Adventures: Year Three- Summer Week Four

So once again, the cycle pretty much continues. My farm is really just auto-done at this point, so it’s a lot of me struggling with the mines, talking to people, and just doing the little maintenance I need each day. We did get two new cut scenes and a bit of something exciting, so with that.

The first shift was a conversation with the Wizard. He confessed that he used to be married but made a mistake, and his wife left him. However, in her anger, she was harassing the people in town, so the Wizard sealed her up, only now… she must be unsealed because she committed a great crime. She took his magic ink. Anyway, so this is something new for me, so we will have to see how this plays out.

I also had a conversation with Elliot where he lamented his struggles as a writer. He then casually says he wishes he could just give up on his dreams and become a farmer like your character. I chose to remind Elliot that each job is challenging in its own way, and he apologized for being dismissive. I think it’s a good moment to remember that each of our paths comes with its own challenges and high points.

The last big shift this week? Well, Harvey and I agreed to have a baby so stay tuned!

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