Willow Farm Adventures: Year Three- Summer Week THree

Alright, everybody, another week in Stardew Valley! This was another one where I spent most of my time talking to people, fishing, and the like. I got a few good short conversations with people as well as made sure to hit up the birthdays for the week.

There was a bit of a dramatic scene this week, though. Jodie starts making popcorn, and it triggers Kent’s PTSD. He confronts the two of you, and I picked the option of sympathetic to him but that it is not okay for him to yell at or blame Jodie for something she didn’t know about. He apologizes, and Jodie says that it is fine and that now she knows because she wishes to avoid upsetting him.

Stardew is once again a game with a very simple presentation that has a lot going on, and Kent is just one of those aspects. His struggles to fit back in Stardew are something some of us have seen others go through, or some have even experienced it themselves. Kent and Jodie’s family struggles around him being gone and now back are interesting and well done, but of course, sad.

Kind of a low point to end on, but such is life, and in this case, such is the life simulator.

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